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Alkaline Water Benefits To Insure a Healthy Pregnancy


So, You Want to Have a Baby!
Having a baby is a wonderful and blessed experience, but it can be stressful on your body. The nutrients you consume before and during your pregnancy, as well as afterward, are extremely important. One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your baby is to keep your body hydrated by drinking sufficient water. During pregnancy, your body needs much more water than when you are not pregnant.
We all know the benefits of drinking water and the health benefits of water, but the kind of water you drink can make all the difference in your health, and the health of your unborn baby. You need to drink alkaline water. If your body is in an acid state instead of an alkaline state, it can lead to many problems, such as:
• The creation of solid wastes like cholesterol, fatty acids, uric acid, kidney stones, and plaque;
• Excess acidity causes the blood to become thicker, which impacts the circulation of your blood. In pregnancy, this can cause your legs and body to swell, as well as other dangerous conditions;
• When you are pregnant, you may be subject to gestational diabetes, but keeping your body in an alkalized state can help prevent this, as well as many other problems.
Changes to Your Body During Pregnancy
During your pregnancy your body undergoes many changes. Here are just a few of them:
You lose a lot of alkaline minerals to the baby;
• The baby receives nutrients from you through the umbilical cord;
• When these nutrients are “burnt”, they turn into acidic waste;
• Since your blood vessels are not connected to those of your baby, the baby must eliminate these wastes through the placenta;
• As a result, your body loses alkaline minerals to the placenta so the placenta has enough alkaline minerals to neutralize the acidic wastes of the baby;
• In turn, your blood quickly becomes acidic;
• In major research in Japan, doctors discovered that acidity is a major cause of morning sickness;
• Drinking alkaline water may immediately relieve your morning sickness;
• It can also reverse the premature aging that can happen to a pregnant woman;
• Drinking alkaline water can help prevent your baby being born with jaundice.
What Can You Do?
Make sure you have sufficient alkaline reserves in your blood by drinking alkaline water before and during your pregnancy. This will give you the reserves you need and keep your reserves strong throughout your pregnancy. Avoid drinking liquids that dehydrate your body, such as drinks with caffeine and alcohol. If you smoke, stop. Eat a healthy alkaline diet and get adequate exercise.
To recap, here are just some of the benefits of drinking alkaline water you will experience during your pregnancy:
• Drinking alkaline water helps prevent morning sickness;
• It helps insure that you will have a healthier baby;
• It will keep you from aging prematurely;
• It can help eliminate problems with swelling and body aches and pains;
• It will reduce the risk of your baby being born with jaundice
Keeping your body in an alkaline state leads to health and longevity, not only for you, but for your baby. However, even with a careful diet and sufficient exercise, an acid state usually wins. To offset this, and obtain optimum health for you and your baby, you should drink Saka Natural Alkaline Mineral Water, For more info please go to

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