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What’s the difference between alkaline water and purified water, spring water etc?


This is a good question you ask, first of all, there is a huge difference in water, while they look the same, you will get different tastes, colour, odour /smell and feel from different waters whether they may be bottled water or tap water.

With RO filtered waters and purifed water which is normally steamed tap water, the steam process takes everything out, good and bad. This is what you call dead water.
While it may cover up your thirst for a short term, this is not a healthy option, you will end up drinking more of this staff because the more you drink it the more dehydrated you feel, the reason this happens is that the water lacks the minerals. The minerals are required for the water to enter the cells, if the water has no minerals, your body goes to your bones, teeth and other organs and gets minerals from them to buffer the water and process it. So prolonged use of these mineral deficient waters is not advised, they will deplete you from minerals, if you are mineral deficient, you may develop osteo, you may feel tired and un-energetic plus many other minerals deficient issues.

The same with Spring water, most are acidic and have very little minerals which leads you to what we just discussed, some are chlorinated like tap water, which have many bad effects on our body including rashes and eczema, chlorine also kills your good bacterias in your stomach, so you won’t digest your foods properly and you will feel bloated and put on weight, how common is this issue at the moment.

On the other hand, there are waters with too much minerals, whist they may be healthy, they taste too hard and are not enjoyable.

Overall, bottled water is still a healthier, safer and tastier option.

Tap water, well there are some minerals in tap water, but there are also a few extras that you may want to avoid too, like, dozens of chemicals, bad taste, from the chemicals and from rusted pipes, bad colours in many areas.

What makes Saka Water different to any other water on the market?
Saka is bottled at source, it is not pumped into chemically treated trucks and transported to a bottling plant.

The source is a remote and PROTECTED deep aquifer. This is important as a lot of water sources, even bottled water sources, they are from an open source, open for human and animals to touch and contaminate, open for chemicals from planes and rain to fall from, open for an other possibility.
Saka comes from deep underground and is protected from anything and anyone.

Saka is the cleanest and purest water we have seen anywhere, you only have to put a Saka bottle next to any other water and see the difference.

Saka is the best and smoothest tasting water, again, it is the balanced minerals it has that gives it the smooth taste.

The bottles are blown in the factory fresh, not shipped in from overseas and chemically treated before bottling.

The bottles are designed with the environment in mind, they easily crush.

The bottling process is fully automated in an ultra-hygenic condition, so the water is untouched from source to bottled.

The most important thing about Saka is the Natural pH Balance of the water, a magnificent 8.22 Alkaline, which is perfect to help in buffering the body’s acidity in keeping you healthy and alkaline.

Saka’s purity and natural mineral content is officially recognised by the Europpean Parliement and Fresenius Institute.

How many bottled water brands you know that are officially recognised and certified. Saka is one of very few.

With today’s pressures and stresses, and the abundance of fast foods, artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives, additives and soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, and many other acidic foods and beverages it is more important than ever to look after our health, we need to consume more alkaline foods and beverages and one of the simplest ways we can do that is by drinking Natural Alkaline Mineral Water. It simply doesn’t get any easier.

Enjoy Saka every day

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